​​​​​​​​​​Carbon Sequestration Tenure​​​​

Alberta Energy and Minerals is accepting applications for carbon sequestration tenure for projects where it can be demonstrated that a carbon sequestration hub will not address needs. Proponents will be asked to provide information on the proposed activity and area of interest. They will also be required to identify and address overlapping interests and activities in the location. Ultimately, this process will facilitate the granting of two agreements:

  • A tenure agreement, that grants the right to sequester carbon dioxide into a subsurface reservoir (pore space).
  • A unit agreement that addresses the varying interests and activities within the Location, including Crown interests.​

If you have any questions or need help with carbon sequestration tenure applications, please email carboncapture.energy@gov.ab.ca.


U​se th​is guide to help you submit a Carbon Sequestration Tenure application for small scale and remot​e carbon sequestration projects.​

Templates/Application Forms

Pore Space Lease Template​

This agreement grants the rights to the pore space.
Use this template to identify the subsurface reservoir (pore space) and reflects the varying interests including the Crown.​​

Small-Scale and Remote Carbon Sequestration - Application Form

Use this application form to apply for Small-Scale and Remote Tenure.

Additional​ I​nformation

Information Bulletin 2023-01  Small-Scale and Remote (SSR) Carbon Sequestration Tenure​