​This program facilitates the electronic transfer of registered interest(s) or part of a location in Crown agreements to another party, including changes to the Designated Representative.

If you have any questions or need help with Transfers, please forward them to:


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​Notice of Official Service Address

Land Tenure Clients must provide the department with written notification of their offical service address.


Word PDF Transfer Form

Transfers of registrered interest or partial land in Crown agreements must be submitted electronically throught ETS. This manual transfer form is only used in special circumstances.

PDF ​How to fill out the Transfer form
Word PDF Notice of Designation, Replacement or Revocation of Representative

The department must be notified of any changes to the designated representative in relation to a mineral agreement.

Word PDF Transfer Form - Federal Soldier Settlement Board(SSB) Lease

Transfers of registered interest in a Federal SSB lease cannot be submitted through ETS. This transfer form is used to process the manual submission of a transfer for a Federal SSB lease.

Word PDF ​​Transfer Transmittal Letter - Federal SSB Lease

This letter accompanies the transfer form for a Federal SSB lease when a transfer is manually submitted.