​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Geothermal Resources​

Geothermal Application

Alberta Energy accepts applications for geothermal leases, via the Electronic Transfer System (ETS), from companies interested in exploring for and developing geothermal resources. These applications are necessary for any stand-alone geothermal operations that would occur below the base of groundwater protection.

​If you have any questions or need help with geothermal applications, please forward them to: Energy.GeothermalTenure@gov.ab.ca.  The Geothermal Resource Tenure Regulation can be accessed at the Geothermal Resource Development website at this location:   https://www.alberta.ca/geothermal-resource-development.aspx.

Geothermal Registration of Encumbrance​

This program facilitates the electronic registration of Security Notice encumbrances for Geothermal Leases, as well as the assignment of security interest and how to obtain a certified copy once registered.

If you have any questions or need help with Registrations, please forward them to: Transfers.Energy@gov.ab.ca.

For guides and courses for Geothermal Encumbrances please see Alberta Online Learning under Registration of Encumbrance.​


Application Guide

Use this guide to help you submit an Geothermal application.​

Additional Information​

Information Bulletin 2022-03   Geothermal Tenure – Integrated into Electronic Transfer System (ETS) Automation​
Information Bulletin 202​​2-02    Administration of Geothermal Resource Tenure

Geothermal Lease Document S​ample​​




EFT Authorization Form