​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Geothermal Resources​

Geothermal Application

Alberta Energy and Minerals ​accepts applications for geothermal leases, via the Electronic Transfer System (ETS), from companies interested in exploring for and developing geothermal resources. These applications are necessary for any stand-alone geothermal operations that would occur below the base of groundwater protection.

​If you have any questions or need help with geothermal applications, please forward them to:​ Energy.GeothermalTenure@gov.ab.ca.  The Geothermal Resource Tenure Regulation can be accessed at the Geothermal Resource Development website at this location:   https://www.alberta.ca/geothermal-resource-development.aspx.

Geothermal Registration of Encumbrance​

This program facilitates the electronic registration of Security Notice encumbrances for Geothermal Leases, as well as the assignment of security interest and how to obtain a certified copy once registered.

If you have any questions or need help with Registrations, please forward them to: Transfers.Energy@gov.ab.ca.

For guides and courses for Geothermal Encumbrances please see Alberta Online Learning under Registration of Encumbrance.​


Application Guide

Use this guide to help you submit an Geothermal application.​

Additional Information​

Information Bulletin 2023-02 Administration of Geothermal Resource Tenure

Information Bulletin 2022-03   Geothermal Tenure – Integrated into Electronic Transfer System (ETS) Automation​

Geothermal Lease Document S​ample​​




EFT Authorization Form