​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Crown Mineral Activity​ and Wells

Crown Mineral Activity is where the Alberta Energy and Minerals approves applications for activities in undisposed Crown mineral rights.  This also involves the approval for applications for the purpose of re-entering an existing wellbore and linking wells to existing Crown agreements.

​If you have any questions or need help with Crown Mineral Activity, please forward them to: Energy.CrownAuthorizations@gov.ab.ca.​

All Well questions not related to Crown Mineral Activities, please forward them to WellAdmin.Energy@gov.ab.ca​


Wells Guide

Abandoned wellbores on leased rights, the impact that cancelling an agreement has on different types of wells, and approval for linking and re-entry authorizations.​​

Crown Mineral Activity Guide

For authorization to conduct activities in rights that are not subject to a Petroleum Natural Gas (PNG) or Oil Sand agreement. 


Crown Mineral Activity (CMA)  Authorization Applications for Active Disposal Operations Occurring on Expired, or Soon to Expire, Crown Mineral Agreements​​

Crown Mineral Activity (CMA)  Authorization Application Requirements for New Disposal Operation Requests in Undisposed Crown Rights

Crown Mineral Activity (CMA) Authorization Application Requirements for Well License Transfers

Crown Indemnification Letter Template  Use of Por​e Spa​ce for Disposal or Injection into Freehold Mineral Rights.

​Caprock Coring Declaration Letter Template  For use when coring is conducted to ensure caprock containment, consistent with Information Letters 2012-06 and 2021-06.


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