PNG Continuation

PNG Continuation enables your company to fill in and submit an Online Application via ETS for Validation or Continuation or submit an Expiry Reinstatement request. You can create and submit a new application or request, amend an application, respond to an offer, and retrieve final documents. You can also request or grant authorization for agreements, wells, and data as required.PNG Continuation also allows your company to submit Third Party Requests via ETS for review of non-productivity. You can create and submit a request and retrieve response documents. Your company can also receive electronic notification of Non-Productivity Notices.

If you have any questions or need assistance with matters regarding PNG Continuation, please contact PNG Continuation helpdesk (780) 644-2300ImageforPNGPage1.jpgor


PNG Continuation Application Guide

Use this guide to help you complete applications for continuation of petroleum and natural gas (PNG) leases and intermediate term licences in the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) under PNG Continuation. This guide does not apply to validation of initial term PNG licences.

PNG Licence Validation Application Guide

Use this guide to help complete the Licence Validation Application, for validation of petroleum and natural gas (PNG) licences at the end of their initial term in the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) under PNG Continuation. This guide does not apply to PNG leases or intermediate term licences.

Authorization Guide

A guide to help you complete the online Electronic Transfer System (ETS) authorization for:

  • a company to act on behalf of the designated representative (Crown lessee or licensee) on a matter for a Crown petroleum and natural gas licence or lease (PNG agreement).
  • another company to use your company’s well for a tenure-related purpose relating to a PNG agreement.
  • Alberta Energy use of your company’s technical data in support of another company’s application or response pertaining to a PNG agreement
Email Notifications for ETS PNG Continuation Guide

Reinstatement Guide

This guide has been created to provide Alberta’s Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry with the information required to submit an electronic application for reinstatement through the Electronic Transfer System (ETS).

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​​PNG Continuation Supporting Technical Data Form

Use this form when sending in your data for your electronic application submissions.

​Continuation - Statutory Declaration for Crown and Freehold Rights in Spacing Unit Form

An application for the continuation of a Petroleum and Natural Gas Lease must be supported by a Statutory Declaration stating that you or your comapny have ownership of or control over the PNG rights in the freehold portion of the spacing unit.